I founded Claire Brown in 2024. My model is slightly different than that of a traditional IP consulting firm or IP law firm as I strive to fill a more niche role. I don’t file patents or offer typical consulting services. Instead, I focus all of my energy on performing in-depth IP searches and sequence listing/figure preparation to provide support where it’s needed most.

This model affords benefits on both sides. For my clients, I perform what is typically thought of as the “grunt work.” Because I solely focus on providing IP searching and sequence listing/figure preparation services, I am able to take the time needed to exhaust all resources which affords the most in-depth searching experience and ensures file-ready sequence listings and figures. My strong STEM background allows me to intimately understand each technology while my IP knowledge affords a deep understanding of how to most accurately perform searches prepare sequence listings/figures in the most efficient way. For me, this business model allows me to do what I love best! I am a giant patent nerd who thinks that the searching and preparation part of the patent process is the most fun. I truly see this arrangement as a win-win.

The final deliverable of my searching services is a search report that includes a brief description of each reference cited, how it relates to the technology at hand, and implications for the protection of that technology. I also provide all of the reference documents found so that they can easily be reviewed by the patent attorney responsible for the case and can be promptly sent to the USPTO for prior art reporting purposes.

The final deliverable of my preparation services is a complete sequence listing or complete set of figures that are ready to be filed with the respective patent office.

Meet the Founder

Claire Brown has been working in the intellectual property space since 2019. She started her career working at the University of South Florida’s Technology Transfer Office where she was an intern. From there, she moved to the La Jolla Institute for Immunology, an independent, non-profit research institute, where she worked first as the Intellectual Property Specialist and then as the Business Development Officer. Throughout her time in these positions, she fell in love with patent searching and preparation more than any other aspect of the job.

When her time in academia came to a close, Claire become an analyst at Numerof & Associates, Inc., a global healthcare strategy consulting firm. While she enjoyed her work there, she quickly felt the pain of losing an intellectual property-related position. She sought a career at an IP firm, but none of them came close to reaching the level of detail and granularity she knew was needed for thorough IP searching and preparation. In 2024, Claire decided to take matters into her own hands and found Claire Brown Agency.

In her free time, Claire enjoys reading memoirs and biographies, weightlifting, attending orchestra concerts with her husband, William, and taking their dog, Berlioz, on walks.

Claire received a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, both from the University of South Florida in Tampa.

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